As you are reading this, the war in Ukraine goes on, and our people are dying from Russian shellings, and the aggressor is burning our land to ashes and dust. 

Russians crossed the line, invading our independent country. However, we are sure indeed that they would fail in this merciless war: no weapon can destroy the strength of the Ukrainian spirit and willingness to help and support.

“Help Ukraine. Donbas” is a team of like-minded people, who want to make a change in the region of Donetsk in this dark hour. Our mission is to provide the locals living in the Donetsk region with basic needs that are hard to obtain during wartime. Locals are now suffering from the armed aggression of the Russian Federation, and “Help Ukraine. Donbas” delivers essential products and medicine to regions where hostilities are taking place. We help people here in the East and also care for internally displaced people across Ukraine. 


We work at full speed, and we need your help. Press the "Support" button to become one of the bricks on which this volunteer movement is built.




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Each hryvnia is very important for the life and health of Ukrainians.